The History of Valentine’s Day

The History of Valentine’s Day

What Do You Really Know About Valentine’s Day?


What are your first thoughts when you think about Valentine’s Day? For most of us, Valentine’s

Day brings up images of romance, love, flowers, candy and greeting cards. Today we celebrate

Valentine’s Day as a way to show the people that we love we appreciate them; however, do you

know how this romantic holiday began?


Did you know that Valentine’s Day is celebrated to honor not one, but three

Saint Valentines?


The 2nd century was a crazy time where Christianity continued to grow and as it became more

popular its leaders sometimes clashed with the ruling class. Such was the case when the

Roman Emperor Claudius tried to convert Valentine of Rome to Roman paganism and Valentine

refused. He then tried to convert Claudius to Christianity and Claudius’ response was to torture

and kill him. Valentine was considered a martyr and was added to the calendar of sainthood in

496 by Pope Galesius. Then there was Valentine of Terni, he became the bishop of Interamna,

now modern Terni. His history is murky, due to records being destroyed; he was martyred in

273, during the persecution under Emperor Aurelian. A third Valentine became a martyr in

Africa along with a group of his companions.

Do you know why Valentine’s Day is in February?

In Ancient Rome, Lupercalia took place between the 13th and the 15th of February. This was a

celebration of fertility which was abolished by Pope Gelasius. Some claim that St. Valentine’s

Day was a replacement for the pagan holiday. There is also a legend that St. Valentine of Rome

wore a ring made with purple amethyst which included an engraving of Cupid. The legend says

that when Roman soldiers recognized the ring they asked Valentine to perform marriages for

them. This may be why the amethyst is the birthstone for February and is believed to attract


Have you ever wondered why we give cards on Valentine’s Day?

While some believe that card giving on Valentine's Day was a tradition created by the big

greeting card companies, such as Hallmark, that is not true, the answer is a mixture of fact and

myth. One legend claims that St. Valentine fell in love with the daughter of his jailer during his

imprisonment. The legend claims that he wrote the young girl a letter and signed it, “from your

Valentine”. Poems that declared love have been a tradition on this holiday for centuries. The

oldest known poem was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife during his

imprisonment in the tower of London. The tradition of giving Valentine greeting cards began in

the late 1700’s, but did not gain widespread popularity until the 19th century due to

technological advances, such as the printing press. Today it is estimated that 150 million

Valentine cards are exchanged each year.


Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide in churches and as a fun holiday to show the

people that you love how much you care. In the United States, stores are filled with cards, gifts

and candy with Valentine’s Day themes.


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