Thanksgiving Table Tradition

Thanksgiving Table Tradition

The Cornucopia: An Ancient Symbol of Abundance for Your Thanksgiving Table

The cornucopia, also known as the Horn of Plenty has become a commonplace symbol of fertility, fortune, and abundance. Have you ever wondered why? As it turns out the cornucopia is a symbol that began its journey during the time of the Ancient Greeks.

Thanksgiving Table From the God's

There is a bit of confusion as to the origin of the cornucopia in Greek Mythology. One myth attributes the creation of the cornucopia to the birth and nurturing of baby Zeus. In a cave on Mount Greek SculptureIda on the island of Crete, Zeus was hidden from his father Cronus, who had the habit of devouring his children. On the island, Zeus was cared for by divine attendants, which included Almathea, a goat. Even as an infant Zeus was unusually strong. Once Zeus and Almathea were horsing around and one of her horns broke off. The horn was found to provide a never-ending supply of nourishment for Zeus.

The second story, involves another strongman of Greek mythology, Hercules. In this myth, Hercules was trying to win the heart of Deianira, the beautiful daughter of King Aeneus. Achelous, god of the river also wanted the love of Deianira. One day they had a great battle. During the battle, Achelous turned himself into different animals to fight off Hercules. He became a slippery serpent and a bull. While he turned himself into a bull Hercules broke off his horn. The fight ended when Achelous returned to his human form and Hercules defeated him. Hercules and Deianira were married and at the wedding celebration, Achelous’ horn was filled with fruits and flowers.

Modern Thanksgiving Table

Today, the cornucopia is woven throughout modern history. You can find the cornucopia on the seal of North Carolina and on the Coat of Arms of Peru, Chile and Columbia. It is also included in many different works of art.

Bread CornupiaThe Cornucopia is a popular centerpiece on the modern Thanksgiving table. Most commonly a  cornucopia is a wicker basket, but many are made of glass, ceramic and wood. Cornucopias are often made of baked bread.

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