Why We Give Roses on Valentine’s Day

Why We Give Roses on Valentine’s Day

Roses on Valentines Day

Why We Give Roses on Valentine’s Day and How to Choose the Right Color

Second only to candy, roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day gift. Roses are meant to symbolize love and romance. The month of February, since ancient times, is connected to love and fertility. Each year millions of people across the world choose to give roses as a way to show their love for someone on this special holiday.

There are over 100 species of roses and they have been used symbolically throughout history in many ways. They have been used as symbols in religions, royalty, governments and more. Still the most popular way they are used is as a symbol of love. At The Flower Room Company we design each of our bouquets and arrangements to share the individual messages of love, gratitude and caring of our clients.

There are different meanings associated with the various colors of roses. Take a minute to learn about each one to help you decide how The Flower Room Company can create your custom bouquet or arrangement.


Red Roses
This is the most popular color of roses ordered on Valentine’s Day. Red roses send a message of enduring love. There are often shortages of red roses during the month of February due to the high demand.


Yellow Roses
These rose symbolize friendship and freedom. These are probably not the best choice for someone that you are seriously romantically involved with but make a great gift for a friend or colleague on this special day. The song the “Yellow Rose of Texas” was used to refer to the welcoming party of ladies bearing yellow roses for soldiers returning home from war.


Pale Pink Roses
These express gratitude and grace. Send these to a friend, your mom or sister or someone else that you care about.


Purple/Lavender Roses
Have you fallen in love with someone at first sight? Then these are the choice for you. They represent enchantment. Often this rose color choice is referred to as the sterling silver rose, because the lavender colored rose usually has a silver hue to it.


White Roses
These roses represent purity and innocence. A great choice of a Valentine’s gift for a young girl, such as your daughter, niece or granddaughter.


Coral Roses
These symbolize passion and desire. These are a popular choice for a Valentine’s gift, next to the many varieties of red. Coral colored roses can also be orange and bronze color shades.


As you can see each color choice sends a special message. During Victorian times, when often declarations of love were not allowed publicly, lovers relied on the symbolism of roses to convey their messages of love and desire.

At The Flower Room Company we offer an array of gorgeous Valentine’s Day bouquets and arrangements that will leave no doubt in your love’s mind how you feel. Each order is custom designed and filled with our beautiful quality silk blooms that are long-lasting and stunning. Surprise that special someone with the gift of roses this Valentine’s Day. Contact The Flower Room Company today!