Yes, Virginia. Those ARE  Christmas Colors!

Yes, Virginia. Those ARE Christmas Colors!

We all know that the official Christmas colors are green and red, but what other colors can you use to bring some of your personality into this holiday season? Let’s take a look at the full rainbow of Christmas for colorful ideas for any decor!


We all know the Elvis song “Blue Christmas” released in 1957. It’s one of the more somber Christmas songs and you want to be Merry! So how do you use blue to be Merry? Blue is also the traditional color used for celebrations of Hanukah. Here are some great ideas:

Use the blue in your tree as an accent color. It pairs nicely with whites and silvers as in this picture from

Blue - Christmas Colors

For more ideas on how to decorate with blue checkout: decorating-ideas/


Yellow can be used to give a citrus-y pop to your table decorations. It pairs nicely with a brighter green and even white. It also is a nice color for ribbons on gifts or in wreaths. And if you are spending your holidays on the beach, yellow is a great color to brighten your holiday decorating!Christmas Colors - Yellow

This image came from a Better Homes and Gardens article found here: green/#page=8

Purple and Pink

Christmas Colors - PurplePurple is often a symbol of royalty. The deeper hues are warm and inviting, and give a regal feeling to decor. Pink has been used more recently in holiday decorating due to mid-century trends returning and kids loving pink.

The brighter colors are often “younger” feeling and can be a great Christmas Colors - Pinkoption for decorating areas for kids. Purple’s and whites and pink, silver and green are the classic pairings for these colors and my personal favorite place is to use purple to accent candles.

Get more ideas for decorating in purple from Diane Henkler {}


Give brown a chance! When you think about Christmas colors many of our favorite images actually have browns in them. Cinnamon , gingerbread men, reindeer, grapevine wreaths, etc. all give a rustic feel to your holiday Christmas Colors - Browndecor. The trick to decorating with brown is to brighten the brown with complimentary colors. Brown is not snow and candy canes; however it can be bows, placemats and vintage trinkets. Brown is classic with white, but is also paired with lighter shades of blue, red/pink, silver/grey, cooper and gold. Brown is a neutral so it can often be paired with many colors of the rainbow.



For ideas on other Christmas colors and combinations visit: colors-12- combos-youve- never-tried-pictures


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